Meeting Some Chickens!

I went to Arya’s house.  We had a lot of fun with each other.  I got to try new things.  First I got to go to gymnastics and learn how to hang upside down on the bars.  The next day I collected some chicken eggs with Arya and her sister Alora.  They have 13 chickens.  After that we fed a chipmunk named Loki.  She was saved by Arya’s family and lives outside their house now.  After that I got to play on their ninja line.  At first I was super scared but when I got up I wasn’t scared anymore.  Arya showed me around her house.  They have a lot of pets.  I hope I can go to Arya’s house again sometime.

A Weekend of Camping!

On the weekend I went camping with Mrs. Hackett’s family. We went to Arrowhead Provincial Park.
We played many games. We played some games in the trailer at night andd during the day we played some outside games. I especially enjoyed playing Swap with everyone. It is a card game similar to UNO. Outside we played Corn Hole. I was not very good at this game because I had trouble throwinng the bean bags so far. I loved having fun playing games with everyone!
We did some other activities too. I went bike riding on my bike. I loved the trails! The trails were bumpy because of the roots and rocks. Some parts were smooth.  When I was bike riding I saw people fishing. They looked like they really liked fishing because they were really quiet. After that we went to the beach. Mary went swimming but I didn’t because I thought it would be too cold and it was! I was so tired after all those activities that I chilled out in the hammock.

All in all, I think I love the wild parts of Ontario!  Camping is a great way to spend a weekend!


Meeting Nelly and Sophie

This week I went to Owen’s house.  I met his mom, dad and sister Madilyn.  He has two dogs.  Their names are Nelly and Sophie.  I got to play with them.  It was fun!  I got to go onto Owen’s four-wheeler.  We tried to climb a tree outside but we didn’t get too high.  I dressed warm because it was cold outside.  I had a lot of fun at Owen’s house.  I wish I could go back again.

My New Friend Peyton!

I went to Peyton’s grandma’s house and I went to piano.  I got to play a couple of songs.  I got to meet Franky too.  I didn’t get to meet Peyton’s mom or dad but I did meet April and Max.  I got to play some games like Battleship.  I also got to watch some T.V.  I made some new friends too.  But then I had to go to bed.  I hope I go again.  It was really fun!!  I did get to meet Peyton’s mom and dad after all and go to Peyton’s house!

A Bus Ride To Olive’s

I went to Olive’s but the bus ride to her house was long.  We went to the chicken house first.  I met Star and Peter, her pet rabbits and all 9 chickens too.  Olive’s mom gave me a tour of the bees.  I wan’t scared!  When we came back I met Luna.  She cuddled with me.  We had pizza for supper and watched Ghostbusters for a halloween movie.  I got to drop the puck at Olive’s dad’s hockey game on Sunday!  I had so much fun, even though they lost.

Fun With Lucas!

This week I went to Lucas’ house.  I got to meet his mom, his big brother and his dad.  He lives in the forest and we went for a walk on the trails.  I got to go for a ride on Lucas’ ATV.  It was scary at first, then it turned out to be a lot of fun.  At the end of the day I got to play with Lucas’ stuffed animals.   like the blue one the best.  His name is lucky.  Lucas’ mom let us play on the Xbox1 before bed.  I had to go back, but I didn’t want to.


A Visit To The Hospital

This week I went to Jaxen’s house.  I met his mom, dad and 2 little brothers, Lincoln and Kingston.  I got to see all the pumpkins his family picked out for Halloween.  I met Jaxen’s 2 dogs, Lola and Dungey.  Dungey is a puppy and he likes to chew on things.  Dungey liked me so much that when it was night time he found me and nibbled on my nose!  Unfortunately he doesn’t understand that kisses work better if you don’t use your teeth.  We took a ride to Georgian Bay Veterinarian Hospital so they could check me out and make sure I was ok because Jax and his mom were very sad.  The workers there were so nice to me and made me feel so much better!  My best friend Cohen’s grandma gave me a few stitches on my nose and I am all healed now.

Jax and his mom took me shopping and bouught me some clothes.  It’s pretty chilly here in Wyevale!  We also picked out a Halloween costume.  I got the ladybug costume.  Jaxen took me to the Elmvale fall fair and I got to ride the tea cups.  It was so much fun!  He also took me for a little ride on his dirt bike.  I loved it!  I had a great time at Jaxen’s house and I am going to miss him, but I won’t miss Dungey!


A Weekend With Alora

This weekend I went to Alora’s house.  I met one of Alora’s animals.  His name is dog.  We had a sleepover.  Alora has a huge dog.  She is an Irish Wolfhound.  Her name is Freya.  I got to ride her.  We had a birthday party for Alora’s brother Killian.  I got to hold a balloon.  Alora’s family went to help their friends stack wood and I got to go too.  When we were done stacking wood we went for a walk through the forest to a beautiful river.  Alora’s dad helped us climb a big oak tree at her house.  It is over 500 years old!  We went on Alora’s trampoline and I bounced so high.  I did a back flip with Alora and it was very fun.  At the end of my visit I took a family picture with Alora’s family.  I had a fantastic time with them.